Welcome to The Whole Life Center at Shadow Rock

Offering Pathways to Wholeness through Body, Mind and Spirit

At The Whole Life Center, our goal is to provide a place for community and renewal. Wherever you are on life’s journey, you are welcome here where we offer support for your own physical, emotional and spiritual wellness. Come discover inspiration and renewal with us in a place of acceptance and support. The Whole Life Center is about:

Caring for Our Body-Mind-Spirit

Through yoga, tai chi, reiki or gentle movement classes

Telling Our Stories

Through journaling, writing, and other fine or performing arts workshops

Supporting Life Transitions

Through support groups, as well as helping you create personalized rituals that mark life transitions and stages.

Welcoming Solitude

Through sacred sound meditation, labyrinth walks, or hiking a mountain preserve trail from our campus.

Being in Community

Through community concerts and connections in classes

Strengthening Spiritual Practices

Through classes that explore spiritual ideas that nurture our wholeness and deepen our journey.

The Whole Life Center is located in north Phoenix at the edge of the mountain preserve on the Shadow Rock Mountain Campus. We are proud to share our home with diverse faith and secular non-profit groups including:

Whatever your spiritual path, you are welcome at The Whole Life Center.