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QiGong & TaiChi Easy

This class with Sumr will only be available for the next four weeks! So join Sumr each Tuesday afternoon, August 8-29,  to practice the self-healing tools of QiGong and Tai Chi Easy and enhance your life. These practices have been proven to....

  • ​Improve Muscular Strength & Bone Density
  • Reduce Depression & Anxiety  
  • Reduce Blood Pressure & Pain
  • Improve Sleep Quality and Immune Function
  • Develop Inner Tranquility 

$15 per class or $44 for 4 classes

Presented By:

Sumr Soudi Breez

Sumr Soudi Breez is a Qi-gong/Tai Chi Practice Leader; certified yoga teacher and intuitive healer. 

Sumr's journey is one of magical flow. She was introduced to natural healing and yoga in 1977 while attending college during an abundantly stressful time. She was transformed by the experience of the power of the breath and how much it is capable of releasing stress by calming the mind and body.

Sumr has an incredible gift of allowing each individual to tune into their own being and gently and deeply connect within to find their inner strength and healing at their own pace. Her teaching has expanded to working with seniors, veterans, kids of all ages and special needs. Her students range in age from 6 years old to 101.

In addition to being a QiGong/Tai Chi Easy practice leader, Sumr is also a certified Kundalini yoga teacher, as well as being a licensed facilitator of Muscular Strength and Range of Movement for the Silver Sneakers program and of Trauma Release (PTSD): Recovery Assessment and Prevention.

  • $44 (series) or $15 (class)

  • Shadow Rock UCC
    12861 N. 8th Avenue

  • K-1