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Be Happy Now Yoga 2017

Using basic yoga postures, this class focuses on yoga as a “place” to practice its fundamental purpose: to cultivate peace and happiness now, whatever the circumstances, whether on or off the mat. 

Our practice begins with a spiritual principle of yoga that serves as our focus, followed by meditation, attention to breath and gentle postures. We conclude with time in savasana, a relaxation pose. 

You'll leave both energized and relaxed in body, mind and spirit. Appropriate for beginning and intermediate yoga students. 

$42 for six weeks, or $10 per class

Please bring a mat and small cotton blanket or thick towel to use as a prop.

Presented By:

Judy Schwiebert
Judy Schwiebert has been both student and teacher in a life she considers a rich spiritual journey. She’s taught high school English, led diversity workshops, co-founded a theater company, and hiked to a Mayan village atop a rainforest in Chiapas. In 2007 she completed the 500-hour Teacher Training program at Yoga Pura. Judy is drawn to yoga, not just because it builds physical strength and flexibility, but because of the wisdom it offers. She believes we’re all yogis – and that postures can best serve us as tools for noticing our mental habits both on and off the mat. Judy also serves as the director of The Whole Life Center.
  • $42 (series) or $10 (class)

  • Shadow Rock UCC
    12861 N. 8th Avenue

  • K-1